Massage Therapy Services

We offer a wide range of massage services and techniques including pregnancy massage,  fascial release, arthrokinetics and osteopathic techniques. To view details of a specific massage, refer to our 'Massages' quick menu.

We are pleased to offer Gift Certificates. Please note that Gift Certificates are valid for one year, and must be mentioned at the time you set your appointment. Please contact us for further details.


Therapeutic Massage

This massage is specifically for work related injuries, sports injuries, motor vehicle accident related injuries, repetitive use injuries and conditions, and all other disease processes including palliative care. All of these conditions will benefit from therapeutic massage. When indicated exercise regimens will also be prescribed.

Using massage oil and a combination of strokes and techniques, your therapist will massage your neck, back, arms and legs. Please let your therapist know if the pressure is too intense.

Allow plenty of time for your massage treatment; arrive 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to relax.  If it is your first time at the clinic you’ll be asked to complete a pre-treatment health questionnaire. Avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol prior to the treatment.


Swedish Massage

This massage covers a wide range of massage applied to soft tissue which includes the skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia, utilizing a range of techniques and strokes. These strokes and techniques include: Long strokes, "kneading of muscles", Percussive techniques, rolling of fingers, and vibration, to name just a few. This massage also employs oils that are beneficial to the skin. It improves circulation, eases muscle aches and pains, improves flexibility, and provides overall relaxation.

Some other benefits of Swedish massage include:

  • relaxing tense muscles
  • aiding pain relief
  • alleviating depression
  • promoting sleep
  • improving circulation.


De-Stress (Relaxation) Massage

Known to reduce blood pressure,boost the immune system and regulate the endocrine system, regular relaxation massage is one of the best things you can do to aid your body in combating stress and it's unhealthy effects on the body.


Neuromuscular Therapy Massage

Neuromuscular therapy or "N.M.T." is based on the concept that there are neurological laws that govern the performance of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Specific massage and diagnostic techniques are used to treat the WHOLE individual rather than utilizing a symptomatic approach. This method is based on promoting soft tissue relaxation, strength and endurance.


Sports Massage

Pre event (performance enhancement), post event (restoration), prevention, and rehabilitation issues all respond well to massage therapy. In combination with sauna, steam bath, application of hydrotherapy (ice, hot cold contrasting, etc.) massage can be very effective in supporting the athlete and preparing soft tissue as part of training for peak performance.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"M.L.D" can be used to treat many conditions such as severe acute whiplash, edemas resulting from injuries, post surgical issues (i.e. plastic surgery), fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. M.L.D. Is primarily used to treat lymphedema issues in Post Mastectomy and cancer patients. (i.e. swollen "edemic" LIMBS resulting from damage to the lymph nodes and fields as a result of surgery.) In combination with hydrotherapy,burns and keloids (scars), also respond very well to M.L.D. treatment. This treatment is a very soothing and light type of massage that rapidly reduces bruising from injury and acts as an analgesic, reducing pain. An M.L.D. massage (full body) is also a great way to "boost" the immune system. Trained in the Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Combined Decongestive Therapy,

30 Minutes

$55 GST included

45 Minutes

$75 GST included

60 Minutes

$90 GST included

90 Minutes

$130 GST included



We require 24 hours notice when rescheduling or canceling an appointment as this time is held just for you. We will do our utmost to fill that vacated appointment time if notified in less than 24 hours, but if we are unable to do so, or in the case of a "no show", you will be billed as per treatment. Gift Certificate appointments will be held with the Gift Certificate number. In order for Gift Certificates to be honoured, the number must be given when the appointment is booked. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this matter.